Boots on Ground; Is it Inevitable?

Credits: Yahoo News/MAXAR

As the bloody and brutal conflict waged by Russian President Vladimir Putin continues, more senseless and deliberate targeting of civilians has ensued. As the above picture illustrates, children targeted and deleted from existence. Did Russia think Ukraine was lying about who was in the theater; I think not! Putin took this opportunity to try and squeeze the will power out of the Ukraine Forces and Civilians alike. No one is safe in this war, so when does Big Brother USA lead the offensive? Why should we? Is there Precedence to do so?

YES, Yes we should lead an offensive! America in some form or fashion, no matter how you want to spin the narrative is already involved in this war; Economically, Socially, and Militarily. We have beefed up our NATO ally borders, sent just over $1 billion in lethal aid, suffered innocent casualties of our own with freelance and Fox News Journalists being injured or killed reporting on these events. Our economy takes a hit as we attempt to do right by Ukraine. The World, minus a few actors, pretty much deemed these atrocities as war crimes.

We have the history of intervening via Direct Military Actions in support of other countries freedoms or “our own best interests”; bombings, troops, Covert Ops, you name it; fact remains, at least loosely we have. Maybe in secret Ukraine isn’t really a best interest for the US, nonetheless War Crimes and the slaughter of innocence is the tipping point, its went to far. Does President Zelenskyy have to become the Martyr of Freedom for us to directly intervene? So history, Korean War; Operation Blue Blat, Lebanon Crisis 1958; Grenada; Bombing of Lybia, 1986; Invasion of Panama; Golf War, 1990 as we protect Kuwait Sovereignty; Bosnian War, NATO involvement; Kosovo, NATO Involvement; Lybia again in 2011.

Stepping into a conflict to support the morale and ethical ideology of freedom isn’t new to the United States and NATO. Why is the US ok with a stalemate, ok with mediocracy, ok with just defensive tactics? Should we be ok with Ukraine sticking their boots so far up Putin's ass it sends the real message? Yes we should and inevitably that will require NATO allies and the US. Ukraine needs an Offensive tactic to force withdrawal, not just force negotiations and concessions. They need offensive weapons; tanks, artillery, cruise missile support and naval support just to spitball some things. Ukraine with the full backing of NATO and the US needs to send the message to all actors who may not greatly agree with “Western Ideas”; under no circumstances should a foreign nation or entity attempt to suppress another's sovereignty, independence, or freedom; to do so will incite the Full Might, Loyalty, and Military Prowess of the NATO Alliance.

You may not agree with my opinions and honestly I would hate for troops to truly be deployed, no-one really wants a war, but wants and needs differ, as casualties will happen; in all honesty, this is truly a battle worth fighting for; Freedom! FREEDOM is never truly free and we can see that in Ukraine!




New York City Native; Us Army Veteran CW2; Father, Husband; Gamer, Streamer, Opinionated but Common Sense Human Being!

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Gabriel Jimenez

Gabriel Jimenez

New York City Native; Us Army Veteran CW2; Father, Husband; Gamer, Streamer, Opinionated but Common Sense Human Being!

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